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 Orlando Lugo 

"After initially playing for two different volleyball clubs in the Tampa area, we took our daughter Kiara to a Raptors tryout.  It was to be the 4th year of her playing club volleyball and she was looking for a new club.  After the tryout she let me know that the Raptors were the club for her. She just finished her last year of club volleyball at the high school level.  She played her final four years for the Raptors.  She is now getting ready to play at the college level thanks to her experiences with the Tampa Bay Raptors.  

Beyond the game, what we have truly appreciated is the impact on Kiara as a person.  The opportunities to travel with her team, the diversity of the teams, the selection of the the tournaments she has been able to play in, the respect with she was required to show her coaches and teammates, the quality of the coaching staff, the value for what we were investing in her...  this has been one of the best decisions we have made as a family and we are grateful for the positive impact it has had on our daughter."

Tonya Longoria

We are proud to be part of the Raptor family! We have watched our daughter grow as an athlete, while be supported by an amazing coaching staff! The coaching staff care about the athletes, and that makes a difference! Jada gets to live her dream of playing collegiate volleyball because of the Raptors! Thank you!

Amy Donahue

The Raptors for us took my daughter to the next level. She was able to develop her skills but more importantly gain many new skills. Her confidence grew as well and I attribute all of that to the family setting the Raptors Club provides. 
Every coach helps every girl no matter what team they are on and they genuinely care about their team members. The Raptors is a club where you will feel a part and gain skills ready to succeed at the next level.

Chavez & Alicia Summerville

Coach Cookie,

We truly appreciate the 3 years you coached our Daughter, Maria as she developed tremendously under the leadership of the Raptors.  The most important element in a child's life is having Trusting Adults that do not coach by insulting and belittling the children.  The warm, fun environment was exactly what Maria needed.

As a Coach, I have never been shy about providing feedback when needed.  My feedback was never about the sport because you and your organization have mastered the training, development and conditioning required to develop a Young Lady.  It's the LOVE, Caring and Respect you have always provided that sets The Tampa Bay Raptors apart from any other organization as we will always be grateful.

The biggest compliment a coach can have is when a child returns and visits.  Maria looks forward to attending the Raptors open gym when home from school!

Thank you and please keep doing what you do!

Tampa Bay Raptors proud Parent of Maria Summerville, Setter, Washington College (MD), Pre-Law Class of 2020, YOU KNOW!!!

Jason & Kim Kirschner

Our families experience with the Tampa Bay Raptors was extremely positive. The coaches and teammates were like a second family to us. They truly care about each one of their players. Lexi Kirschner couldn’t wait for club season to begin every year. Over the years, her father and I watched her skills grow tremendously. We loved every coach that worked with Lexi and made her the strong volleyball player she is today. Over the 3 years that Lexi played for the Tampa Bay Raptors she was seen by numerous scouts and received several offers. She is currently playing for one of the colleges that offered her a scholarship. I would highly recommend this club to any athlete looking to play on competitive level.

Theon Salley

My twin daughters, Kierstin and Kayelyn Salley. played with the Tampa Bay Raptors Volleyball Club for two club seasons (2016-2017 & 2017-2018).  Their experience with the Raptors gave them the opportunity to improve their skills on the court and to ultimately play on the collegiate level. Kierstin and Kayelyn were able to forge relationships with their teammates and coaches that have continued since their Raptors club experience ended.  This goes to show that not only do the coaches care about the players skills on the court they also care about them as individuals.  They both obtained  volleyball scholarships and are attending Tougaloo College in Mississippi. 


As for my experience with the Raptors, from the standpoint of a parent, I would like to thank Coach Cookie for establishing a culture at the Raptors that supported all families and players.  I will truly miss the fellowship with the other parents during trips to tournaments and cheering the girls on the sidelines.  I would like to thank all the other coaches at the Raptors for supporting my daughters during their Raptors Club seasons, especially Coach Mark who stepped up and was a role model that my daughters needed and Coach Cookie who pushed them to work hard on the court so they can be better students and individuals off the court and for those things I am forever grateful. I would  recommend the TAMPA BAY RAPTORS to any parent seeking a volleyball club for their player.


Yours in Volleyball,

Theon Salley

Taylor Lineberger

Love you coach! Thanks for giving me the one year of club I enjoyed! No politics, just volleyball. Miss it so much. <3.

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