What age do group do you fall under?

15U Team Eligible Birth Dates

July 05- June 06

July 06- June 07

17U Team Eligible Birth Dates

July 03- June- 04

July 04- June 05

The Tampa Bay Raptors will be taking two boys and two girl teams to AAU Nations. We will be holding ONE tryout only for both the 15U and 17U GIRLS divisions. These tryouts are open to any and all players who fall in these correct age groups. If you are a player who falls in the 14U or 16U divisions, you may try out for the older team. Please keep in mind that there will only be a MAX of 12 spots per team. If the teams do not reach the minimum number of 10, the team will be dissolved and all tryout participants will be issued a refund. The teams will be selected simply by skill level, as it is an open tryout for any and all players. Teams will be announced the same day as tryouts, May 9th. In order to secure your spot on the team, full payment of $350 will have to be paid by May10th, 5PM or it will be offered to the next on person on the list. Practices will begin on Tuesday, May 11th.


Is there any other day for the tryouts?

No. With the high interest we have received in less than a week about AAU Nationals, we have decided to participate in this event. The registration deadline for the tournament is approaching and the only date that works well is May 9th. We know this is mothers day, so we will be hosting this event in the evening time to allow everyone do enjoy the day with their families. 

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AAU National Dates

June 22nd- June 25th