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Join us December 3rd, at 6PM for our CASINO & SILENT AUCTION NIGHT!


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2022 College Commits

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16's Girls - 2nd in Gold Big South
14's - 1st Place 2021 Christmas Challenge
18 Boys - 2nd Place Kiwi Tournament
18's Girls - 1st in Gold New Year Classic
18's Boy - 1st in Silver WPVC Showdown Rumble
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About Us

The Tampa Bay Raptors is a club volleyball team that represents youth from all areas of the Tampa Bay Area. This year will be our 11th year providing volleyball training and competitive play. We are committed to making club volleyball both accessible and affordable for youth who have the desire to compete at a higher level. The Tampa Bay Raptors prides itself on being a culturally diverse organization, which allows us to reach youth who might not otherwise be exposed to the sport. The varied socioeconomic array of families makes the Tampa Bay Raptors a beautiful representation of the Tampa Bay Area. Along with athleticism, we encourage our players to strive not only for excellence in their physical development, but also excellence in their academic performance and their dedication to the communities in which they live.

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“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

Vincent van Gogh

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